An all-in-one AI solution for your business and your customers.

Nolovus lets you easily train an AI for your business, which your customers can then text or call with it’s provided phone number.


AI assistants like Nolovus can let your clients know about your business, what it does, etc., while still allowing easy access to a human by simply asking the AI. We can also integrate with third party providers so that your AI can read out certain information to the user (such as their next appointment) and then make changes to that data, like rescheduling that appointment.

Don't believe us?

Please note that our company used to be called Kostlyn, and we haven't yet changed over our sales line or it's associated AI to know about our rebrand to Nolovus. Having said that, you can call or text our AI at +1 (813) KOSTLYN. This number is a Nolovus-powered sales line for Kostlyn. If you have any questions about our AI, feel free to ask it!

Want an AI for your business?

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Want an AI for your business?

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